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Verfasst: Dienstag 9. Mai 2017, 13:17
von andy

Mit der FW6.1 gibt es eine bequeme Möglichkeit Dimmer zu steuern.
Die HoldOn Funktion der Tasten erlaubt die Relais (IO's) solange einzuschalten, solange die Taste gedrückt ist.

Der ELTAKO EUD12D-UC im RDT-Modus lässt sich über die Anschlüsse +E1, +F1 und -E2 wie abgebildet steuern.

With the FW6.1 there is a convenient way to control dimmers.
The HoldOn function of the buttons allows the relays (IO's) to be switched on as long as the button is pressed.

The ELTAKO EUD12D-UC in RDT mode can be controlled via the connections + E1, + F1 and -E2 as shown.

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LG Andy

Re: ELTAKO EUD12D-UC dimmen

Verfasst: Donnerstag 13. Juli 2017, 09:55
von YvesHanoulle

I'm interested in doing this, unfortunatly I don't speak German.
I have the manuale from Anel HUT translated in Dutch and I'm very happy with working with it. Andzrej send me this link on how to use a dimmer with a hut. Yet I'm not sure I understand the German.
I'm sitting with my electrician, who know's the EUD12D-UC , he wonders why you need two buttons. (and thus 2 lines on the HUT. )

And more important, there are two kind of ways to use this dimmer:
Using EUD and DSD setting. With EUD you have the option to turn everything on and of, you don't have that option with DSD.

>It looks like you use the DSD setup.
Is this correct?
How do you turn the lights completly off?