Configuration issues

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Configuration issues

Beitrag von combes » Dienstag 20. Juli 2021, 16:22

I use three PDU connected to my computer across a network switch.
At the begining, I used the 6.5.1 Firmware but sometimes, there were configuration loss without specific action.
I don't understand why, does somebody have an answer ?
Futhermore, I decided to use the 7.1 Firmware, I followed the guide for the installation but a new issue has appeared with the configuration upload. The web page load for infinite time when I tried to send a configuration file to the PDU. I tried with configuration file created on 6.5.1 and 7.1 but the issue is the same.
Is it normal that I can't upload a configuration on 7.1 Firmware or do I forgot something ?
Thank you for the help.

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Re: Configuration issues

Beitrag von andy » Mittwoch 29. September 2021, 15:21

Were all points of the instruction in the loader fulfilled ?

Upload takes approx. 5 sec.

LG Andy